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We would like to introduce you to THE LOOP:


A timely, heartwarming, insightful, three woman play.


THE LOOP centers on Martha, a woman in her 60s, who makes her living writing crossword puzzles. On the verge of becoming an empty nester, Martha is faced with the onset of dementia. A crossword puzzle becomes the method with which she copes and tries to understand her devolution. At the culmination of her journey, Martha is caught in a tornado of her memories, and comes to a strong conclusion about her life. Her daughter, Sydney and her best friend, Kyle support, challenge, confuse, and become intertwined with Martha in this 90-minute play.


Written by Stacia Fernandez and Coco Cohn. 


Note: Judith Ivey has given her support for the forward motion of this play, and schedule permitting, would very much like to take on the role of Martha in the world premiere.


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Sticky Fingers --

LOGLINE: In this screwball, buddy comedy, two broke musician friends “borrow” dirty money to pay their rent. 


ELEVATOR PITCH: This is a screwball, buddy comedy about two best friends, LOLLY and HATTIE -- a pair of women on the cusp of 30, struggling to make it as classical musicians in New York City in 1988. They live on the top floor of a run down, 6th floor walkup on Avenue A and 5th Street in the East Village. A friend asks them to babysit a mysterious bag containing nearly a million dollars while she skips town to avoid trouble. Once the money is in their possession though, temptation proves too much and mischief and mishap surround them at every turn. Off we go on their journey


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Welcome to Smalltowne, a little village not far from where you live! 




For generations of Smalls, a fun decree has dictated that every year Smalltowne must put on a Christmas musical! And each year, the Smallest Small, the youngest member of the Small family, gets to make their own special Christmas Wish that celebrates the JOY of Christmas through their eyes. One year it was a Christmas Parade! Another year, it was a Sundae Party for the whole town! It’s a fun Smalltowne tradition that everyone looks forward to,  along with the Christmas show!


A SMALLTOWNE CHRISTMAS  picks up one Christmas night many years ago when Mayor Small and his wife were lost in a drift of snow. All that’s found are adoption papers for Angela, the Small’s ward,  and their daughter Evelyn’s best friend. Feeling betrayed and furious at the loss of her parents, Evelyn swirls into a selfish rage. She leaves Smalltowne forever, thus leaving Angela in charge by default. 


In honor of her newly adoptive parents, Angela uses her Christmas Wish and keeps the Christmas Musical exactly as the show was on that fateful night.  With the help of the Christmas Council Members, Smalltowne carries on the annual Christmas Show without change, for twelve whole years. Then one snowy night, Evelyn comes swirling back into town with a new hairdo and a Christmas decree of her own: A brand-new totally ORIGINAL CHRISTMAS SHOW! And as she is still the Smallest Small, Angela and the Christmas Council have no choice but to follow her demands to the letter. As they slowly learn however, Evelyn’s intentions might not be as snowy as they think!


With the help of some Smalltowne citizens and a young student, Angela must save the town and remind Evelyn of the true meaning of Christmas.




The songs in A SMALLTOWNE CHRISTMAS are completely original, with dashes of well known carols thrown in. A fun sing-a-long finale of Christmas Favorites makes A SMALLTOWNE CHRISTMAS the perfect choice for your theater.  It is A NEW, FUN CHRISTMAS SHOW and will be a new AUDIENCE FAVORITE for years to come!

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